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Just as sensory children are diverse, so too are the education and training needs of the OT’s that support them...

That’s why our sessions (starting at $1000 per 2 hour training) are tailored to meet your staff where they are and where they desire to grow to, so we can pack the most punch during our time together.

What you'll get:

  • Fill specific knowledge gaps
  • Unpack case studies
  • Explore specific behavioural and practice challenges
  • Explore reporting and supports through NDIS and other funding sources for your sensory clients
  • Audit your current sensory equipment and resources
  • Design and equip the sensory spaces in your clinic

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What People Are Saying:

We engaged Kerry to do a short series of professional development workshops for our multidisciplinary team (not OTs) on sensory processing and understanding sensory contributions to feeding challenges. From the initial enquiry, Kerry had a clear and structured approach to content development and planning and was always willing to collaborate on how to adjust the scope of the content to best meet the needs of our team. Kerry is a clear and highly engaging presenter who is clearly an expert in her content area of sensory processing and integration. Our team has gained a significantly improved understanding of the topic area, and the workshops have sparked conversation about ways we can improve our service offerings more broadly through utilisation of our improved knowledge about sensory needs. Thank you Kerry – I had approached multiple providers with a limited understanding of exactly what we would need and you made it a very easy decision, I am confident I made an excellent choice and will definitely be looking to work with you again!

Amy Talbot

$1,000.00 AUD

Terms, Conditions & Consent Form

  1. Overview of SenseUp

     1.2.  SenseUp is designed to provide high quality, evidence-based content to occupational therapists and related health care professionals.

    1.1.  SenseUp is a training and education, coaching and information business aimed at occupational therapists and related health care professionals.

  2. Structure of SenseUp

    2.1.  SenseUp offers training and education in sensory processing through online courses, live zoom meetings, physical workshops, and on-site training. There are 6 series comprising 4-6 topics in each. Additional masterclasses are delivered ad hoc.

    2.2.  Training in assessment and intervention is intended upskill therapists to apply this knowledge to their own work setting and clients.

    2.3.  Every course and masterclass/webinar is available online on the website Additionally, course attendees will have the recording emailed to them following the live delivery. It will be available for 30 days after the date of the live event.

    2.4.  Course participants are invited to small group coaching, which comprises a group of up to 4 therapists, meeting fortnightly on a day and time that is convenient to the majority. This is charged at $200 per participant, per month, for 2 meetings a month. At this time not GST registered.

    2.5.  Some therapists may choose to go straight to individual coaching instead of engaging in the courses directly. This can be discussed with Kerry Evetts in an individual planning meeting.

    2.6.  Individual coaching is held once or twice a month depending on the therapist’s needs.


3. Relationship with SenseUp

3.1.  SenseUp is operated by Kerry Evetts, a registered occupational therapist.

3.2.  While Kerry Evetts is a registered occupational therapist, the SenseUp training and education and coaching service is not an occupational therapy service.

3.3.  By consenting to participate in any SenseUp program, participants acknowledge that they are participating in a training, education and coaching program and are not receiving occupational therapy services from Kerry Evetts.

3.4.  If in the course of participating in any SenseUp offering, issues arise which in Kerry Evetts professional opinion are beyond the scope of the training, education or coaching relationship, they may be informed by email or verbally that the issue or question is outside of the scope of the SenseUp Offering.

3.5.  Kerry Evetts may at any time and in their sole discretion, terminate a participant’s registration in any SenseUp offering if Kerry Evetts considers it appropriate to do so.

3.6.  In the event of termination of a participant’s registration in the SenseUp offering on this basis, a partial refund of the participant’s registration fees may be provided.

  1. Privacy and Disclosure of Personal Information

    4.1.  As part of your participation in the SenseUp Offering, SenseUp needs to collect and record information from you.

    4.2.  We enclose a copy of our Privacy Policy, which we request you read and acknowledge your understanding of, prior to signing this document.

    4.3.  We also enclose is a copy of our Disclaimer.

  2. Technology Requirements

    5.1.  SenseUp is provided online through our website portal and by videoconferencing. You are responsible for the costs associated with setting up the technology needed so you can access online content and participate in video conferencing workshops.

    5.2.  To access SenseUp content, you will need access to a computer, video camera, speakers) and a private room or quiet space.

    5.3.  The privacy of any form of communication via the internet is potentially vulnerable and limited by the security of the technology used.

6. Conditions of Purchase and Intellectual Property

6.1.  SenseUp’s website, its online training and education offerings and all content provided within, remains the intellectual property of SenseUp.

6.2.  The reproduction, exploitation, redistribution or use of all or part of any visual, auditory or software element or document from SenseUp’s Website or any offering by SenseUp is prohibited.

  1. Fees

    7.1.  Online course fees are advertised on the website and vary depending on the length and content.

    7.2.  Organisational training and education is billed on a case by case basis depending on individual need.


8. Live content

8.1. SenseUp will grant a refund of the registration fee paid by any participant, up to 72 hours prior to the commencement date of any live content (which includes any in-person or online presentations, but does not include small group coaching or individual coaching, which are dealt with separately).

Small groups

8.2. Small group coaching is billed monthly regardless of attendance, in order to not affect the fees paid by participants who do attend. A recording is made available to those unable to attend.

Individual coaching

8.3. Pre-booked 1:1 private coaching sessions may be cancelled by the participant up to 72 hours prior to the session time without penalty, but must be re-booked within 3 months. No refund will be offered in respect of expired or unused 1:1 coaching sessions.

All services

8.4. After the commencement of the course or service, full or partial refund of the registration fee will be granted at the absolute discretion of SenseUp, and


Consent to participation in SenseUp Offerings

9.1.1.  SenseUp is a training, education and coaching service. Although Kerry Evetts is a registered occupational therapist, this is not a therapy service and I will not be receiving therapy services, treatment, advice or therapy in the course of my participating in SenseUp Offerings; and

9.1.2.  I have read and understood the SenseUp Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

I have read and understood the information, terms and conditions contained in this Consent Form and have discussed any outstanding questions with SenseUp.