Come for Sensory, Stay for Community

Join the SenseUp Hub for sensory education, connection with other OTs navigating the sensory landscape, and a deeper confidence in your approach to your young clients. 

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Come for Sensory - Stay for Community

Let's be a part of the change toward sensory affirming and informed OT

  • Keep up to date with developments in the sensory OT landscape
  • Keep up to date with your PD points
  • No more googling for sensory ideas
  • No more guessing if you are on track with your sensory clients
  • Drip-fed sensory education that doesn't overwhelm
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  • Laptop/desktop
  • Mobile device
  • Use the App to listen whilst you walk or drive

What's Included In The Membership...

Stage 1

Sensory Essentials - a mini course

 In your first month you have access to 2 hours of webinars introducing you to sensory theory and practice.

Stage 2 

Sensory Profiling with Meaning Masterclass.

**this masterclass is available after 1 month of your membership**


Stage 3

Meaningful Sensory Diets Masterclass

**this Masterclass is available in month 2**


Stage 4

Sensory Strategies for Home and School

**this Masterclass is available in month 3**


Stage 5

Interoception and Self Regulation

**this masterclass is available in month 4**


Therapy Nuggets

  • Neuroscience linked
  • Practical & Realistic
  • No specialised equipment
  • No more googling
  • Adapt and grade for your client

Special Guests

  • Tarryn Kihn (Clinical Psychologist on Resiliency in Children)
  • Kate Reeve (OT and Sensory Equipment Provider)
  • Pippa Van Wijk (Brisbane Feeding Clinic OT)
  • Candice Stone(Speech Pathologist on CAPD)
  • and more
Join the Membership

 I am Kerry, nice to meet you

Delivering courses and workshops through SenseUp Training is an absolute joy - however, I feel a bigger impact is needed! Not everyone is looking for a lengthy course or to transform into a 'sensory OT' - some OT's want to upskill in sensory in shorter, digestible pieces that honour their time and resources. 

The membership is my answer for people who want to connect and learn on a smaller scale. 

In this membership I bring you my almost 3 decades of knowledge and experience, as well as latest research and developments in the sensory field so you can remain up to date and sensory-informed. 


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If you discover that the Membership is not for you, you can cancel at any time.