Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Kerry, and I'm here to help you champion and empower the sensory children in your life. Together, we can create a deeper understanding, greater connection, and more supportive environment which will enable them to strive and thrive.

My life's mission, and hearts vision, is for  sensory child to  feel understood and  supported.

I created SenseUp after a near death experience, after which I committed to sharing my 25 years of knowledge and experience with those who desire to hear it. In that time, I have shared my passion for all things sensory in London, South Africa, and now Australia.

I’m a Qualified Occupational Therapist with a Masters Degree and over two decades of clinical experience. Today, I'm also the CEO of SenseUp, which helps OT's and their sensory clients across Australia.

I’d been working as an OT for a decade before I became more deeply immersed in sensory education. Turns out, sensory education was the missing piece to my clinical practice that I didn’t even know I needed! 

My professional toolkit expanded exponentially when I became sensory informed, and the outcomes I was able to achieve with my clients, blew me away. I was on my way to a deeper understanding and connection with my therapy kids and I could feel the difference - and so could their caregivers. 

I became so passionate about the experiences of sensory kids (who all of us have on our caseloads), and helping professionals in their lives to become more sensory informed, that I’ve made it the focus of my life’s work.

Here's how we can work together 

The way SenseUp works with health professionals, educators and organisations is designed to be fun, holistic and human-centric, and everything we share is of course, evidence based!

I want you to fall more deeply in love (or back in love!) with your work, so you can go on to create giant ripples of change and overflowing joy in the lives of sensory kids, for years to come.