1:1 or Team Sensory Mentoring

Mentoring with Kerry is available for any professional who wants individualised or team support to work more purposefully and impactfully with the sensory children they serve.

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What is sensory mentoring?

Sensory mentoring provides a safe space for health professionals, educators and those who work with sensory children, to receive personalised support from an expert in the sensory field.

Kerry, the founder of SenseUp, provides personalised coaching support, tailored to your specific needs. She meets you exactly where you are in your professional journey to enrich your experience and interactions with sensory children; helping both you and them reach a higher potential.

Perfect for those with a busy schedule or looking for assistance with specific learning/caseload needs. Facilitated online, Kerry creates a warm and welcoming space for you to expand your knowledge and skills.

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Sensory Mentoring is for you if...

  • You are a professional who serves sensory children in their everyday work
  • You are looking for¬† a one-to-one personalised learning experience with Kerry, to empower you with sensory insights and strategies for your "tool box"
  • You or your team desire a specific topic of interest or need to be met by Kerry
  • ¬†You want to be supported by a passionate and knowledgable OT in the sensory field
  • ¬†You want to learn how to masterfully apply learnings to your¬†practice and clients, so you¬†can go on to work independently and confidently and with renewed job satisfaction



Together we can: 

  • Unpack your clients, and identify sensory supports and handling strategies that would be most supportive and helpful, whether you are mobile, school or clinic based and no matter what equipment you have available to you.¬†

  • Fill the gaps in your sensory knowledge, so you can serve in a more informed and confident way

  • Inspire, up-skill and empower you, and the clients and families you work with


The Ins and Outs of Sensory Coaching

Zoom Calls

Learn at your convenience. You can book your call on Kerry's calendar at your convenience. 

Sensory Support

Ongoing sensory support thats customisable to your setting, lifestyle and specific learning needs. Direct access to decades of Kerry's experience and expertise.


Customised, tailored advice and resources to support you in your specific caseload and client needs. Perfect for those looking for fast answers to better support complex cases.

Email Support

Unlimited access to Kerry via email between coaching sessions (for those who have signed up for 6 months of coaching).

Moneyback Guarentee

We truly believe in the impact of our work. In the event you're not completely satisfied, you'll get your money back.


1:1 Coaching

$750 per month

Private Coaching

  • Fortnightly Zoom Call 
  • Tailored and individualised sensory coaching
  • Make your own bookings on my calendar.
  • Follow your sensory learning plan.
  • Email support between calls with Kerry.

Team/Organisation Coaching

$1000/ 2 hrs

Up to 6 team members included

  • Book your 2 hours call on the calendar
  • Arrange the topic for discussion or coaching in advance of the meeting
  • Invite 5 colleagues or staff
  • Range of topics (see Team Coaching page)
  • For any AHP or Education Organisation

Team Mentoring

If you are a team or group that work together then you may benefit from upskilling together according to your teams needs. 

Read More About Team Mentoring


"Kerry is a wealth of knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the small group environment as it provided me with a safe space to ask questions and gain clarity further in my journey in understanding children with sensory issues."

"Thank you so much for your great coaching on Thursday. I LOVED it.  There is so much to think about and re-organise in my brain, but also a lovely amount of things slotting together for me too!"

"Wow Kerry, that was awesome! Thank you for preparing and sharing this amazing content in the wide world of sensory. My sensory lens is truly reactivated and I am looking forward to using more of this information and understanding, particularly the functional connections, when working with my kids. I will also always remember, 'when in doubt, start with the vestibular system!'"

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