Sensory Masterclasses

Start your sensory upskilling with these Masterclasses - dip your toe into Kerry's work, as she gives you sneak peeks, therapy nuggets and lots of valuable content on hot topics in the sensory world. 

The Masterclass series currently has 4 hot topics and is presented three times a year. 

Watch and Save your Masterclass, with slides and templates, so that you can build out your OWN sensory resource library, keeping sensory inspiration at your fingertips always. 

The Masterclasses are currently unavailable on their own.

They are now incorporated into The SenseUp Hub membership which will be available from 13th May 2024 for non- members of SenseUp. 

Sensory Profiling with Meaning

In this masterclass, Kerry introduces you to the two most common Sensory Questionnaires: The Sensory Profile 2 and The Sensory Processing Measure 2. She explains the theoretical constructs underpinning them and tips on how to extract the rich and individual sensory information from these. This equips you to better understand the child's sensory preferences and their regulation needs. This masterclass sets you up for the next masterclass on Sensory Diets. It's recommended to watch and learn in order. 

Accompanied by the slides which are printable, as well as a Clinical Reasoning Template.

Meaningful Sensory Diets

In this second masterclass, Kerry dives into sensory diets, including the history and research on the use of sensory diets with various diagnostic groups. Supplemented by Sensory Strategy Documents and Sensory Diet Templates this class will prepare you to use the results of your sensory profiling to support your sensory clients in their home, school and community settings with strategies applicable to them. 

Watch this masterclass after the Sensory Profiling with Meaning masterclass, and follow it with Sensory Strategies for the best outcomes for your clinical practice.

Sensory Strategies for Home and School

In this third masterclass, Kerry explains how sensory strategies can be used to supplement therapy and support sensory children with CHILD SPECIFIC sensory affirming strategies in each setting/context of their lives. 

Watch Sensory Profiling with Meaning and Meaningful Sensory Diets first. Print the accompanying slides and follow along as Kerry takes you further into your sensory learning as she shares her knowledge and practical experience with you. 

Interoception and Self Regulation 

Kerry will share the research into interoception and summarise the key points being taught by several occupational therapists and researchers, as well as highlighting the importance of neuroscience to inform best practice. It becomes clear that self-regulation and interoception are closely linked and this knowledge and understanding can help us therapists to support our sensory children more meaningfully with this knowledge. 

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