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Hello, and welcome to

Sensory in Action Workshops

Are you an Occupational Therapist working in paeds?
Do many of your clients present with dyspraxia/ DCD (Developmental Coordination Difficulties)?
Do you want to  want to learn how to use suspension (swings) and non-suspension equipment safely and effectively? 

Come and learn with us......

in this practical workshop you will learn sensory theory and practice related to sensory motor and motor planning difficulties. You do not need to work in a sensory gym to benefit - we show you how to use your regular OT equipment to support sensory foundations. 

NOTE: this is not a certification course in sensory integration. 

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Who should attend? 

  • OTs who want to understand their dyspraxic clients more deeply.¬†
  • OTs who want to use sensory equipment more effectively (swings and non-suspension)
  • OTs who want new ideas, activities, and strategies to support their sensory clients.¬†


    .....and why? 

  • to expand your OT toolkit in managing sensory motor challanges
  • to explore how to use suspension and¬† non-suspension equipment¬†to accelerate results
  • to gain confidence and skill in supporting dyspraxic children
  • to effectively and succinctly explain to caregivers and colleagues what you are doing in your therapy sessions


Day 1 Sensory Theory


On day 1 we will inform your practice with sensory processing underlying dyspraxia.

This includes:

  • neuroscience of¬†sensory systems¬†
  • an introduction to the common concerns of postural tone, body awareness, laterality, motor planning, and modulation.
  • dyspraxia in detail

Gain lots of Aha's and therapy nuggets!


Day 2 Practical Application


You will learn about:

  • why swings have been designed in different ways,
  • what they can be used for and when,
  • how to create activities using swings and non-suspension equipment to challenge a childs praxis
  • and grade them for different sensory profiles.¬†




Certificate of Completion for 10 hours of PD.

Workbooks to record your learning and notes. 




Workshop Program PDF


You will walk away from this workshop with....



  • An understanding of the sensory influences behind a child's dyspraxia, including posture, bilateral skills, motor planning, and modulation.¬†

  • Knowledge of which sensory systems to target and how!

  • Experience in the safe use of suspension equipment (swings) - which equipment to use - as well as how and why!

  • Experience non-suspension equipment¬†and how to use it for your sensory clients.¬†

  • A supportive network of other OTs on the same sensory journey as you.¬†

Hurry! Perth Bookings Close 19 June 2024. Click Here To Reserve Your Seat ūüĎąūüŹľ










Stephanie D

Lots of Ah-ha moments! Going away with more purpose when providing therapy. Loved how we also covered non-suspension equipment. 

Kate R

Another key takeaway from the workshop was the importance of employing a 'wait, watch, and wonder' approach with our sensory kids. Kerry's expertise, enthusiasm, and engaging teaching style made the learning experience both informative and enjoyable. I left the workshop feeling inspired and equipped with practical strategies to implement in my work with sensory kids." 

Merran F

Making new connections between things and their sensory origins. Feeling I can justify using equipment to work on things that may not seem relevant to the untrained eye. 

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Explore the sensory gym on day 2 of the workshop  

  • Learn about a range of sensory equipment (both suspension and non-suspension)
  • Discover the main features of the swings, and how they are used
  • Ensure safety is your top priority by learning precautions for each swing and how to keep a child safe and regulated
  • Discover therapy ideas, games and activities to engage and delight the child at the 'just right challenge', all the while working towards the child's sensory-motor goals.¬†
  • Swings will be available for order/purchase with a 10% discount for orders placed at the workshop.¬†
  • Be entered into a prize draw to win a Frog Swing (all workshop entrants are entered into one draw per workshop).


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Meet Kerry 

Hello and thank you so much for your interest in this workshop. 

I have been an OT for over 25 years but more specifically a 'sensory' OT for 15 of them. I first learnt about sensory in 2007 and was hooked! Since then I have championed sensory children and believe that with affirming therapy and supports that sensory children can thrive! 

The sensory approach is child led, strengths-based and individualised which speaks directly to my heart. I started teaching about All Things Sensory 2 years ago, after a life-threatening medical event made me rethink my OT practice. The best decision I ever made was to start SenseUp and I work tirelessly to create courses and opportunities for you, the OT with an interest in expanding your practice, to include sensory informed and affirming approaches to your repertoire. 

I firmly believe that sensory is the link to really understanding and supporting our therapy children - after all a regulated child, is a child who is learning, connecting and thriving. 

Join me and together lets make sure that your sensory clients smile with their whole body! 

Hope to see you there,


Meet Kate

Hello, I’m Kate from Upside Down Therapy Tools.

With over 12 years of experience as a paediatric Occupational Therapist, my journey with sensory equipment began early in my career. Originally trained in South Africa, I've had the privilege of working extensively with a variety of therapy equipment. Upon moving to Australia, I was inspired to ensure that fellow therapists have access to the same quality equipment and training that has been instrumental in my practice.

 At Upside Down Therapy Tools, we understand the significant impact therapy equipment can have. While it undoubtedly enhances motor skills and sensory processing, its true value lies in sparking joy and confidence in our sensory children.

¬†We're more than just a business at Upside Down Therapy Tools; we're a family-owned venture. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide ‚ÄėSensory Tools for Sensory Kids‚Äô by offering therapists access to quality equipment and comprehensive training, empowering them to utilize these tools effectively and safely in their practice.

 I look forward to connecting with you and hope to see you at our training in a city near you.



So Are You Ready to Join Us??

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Meet our Perth Host

Hayley Wood of Sensory Heroes will be hosting the Perth Workshop at her clinic in South Fremantle on the 22nd and 23rd June 2024.

Here are the details:



Address: 243 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162

Parking: Ample parking on the quiet street over the weekend. 

Refreshments: Tea/coffee and light snacks will be available at the venue

Lunch: Bring your own or pop to the local shops/cafes. There will be an hour for lunch to allow for networking as well. 


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Meet our Sydney Host

Justine Spencer of Super Groms Therapies will be hosting our Sydney workshop in on 20th & 21st July 2024.

Here are the details:


Address: 92 Woodfield Boulevarde, Caringbah, NSW, 2229

Parking: Ample parking on the quiet street over the weekend. 

Refreshments: Tea/coffee and light snacks will be available at the venue

Lunch: Bring your own or pop to the local shops/cafes. There will be an hour for lunch to allow for networking as well. 

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Meet our Gold Coast Host 

Kerry Evetts will be hosting the Gold Cost workshop on 2nd and 3rd August 2024. 

Here are the details:

Address: Robina Lakes Resort, 1 Resort Drive, Robina

Parking: Ample parking on the quiet street over the weekend. 

Refreshments: Tea/coffee and light snacks will be available at the venue

Lunch: Bring your own or pop to the local shops/cafes. There will be an hour for lunch to allow for networking as well. 

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Meet our Melbourne Host

17th and 18th August 2024

Here are the details:

Kerri-anne Telford Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Address: 293 Springfield Road, Nunawading, VIC 3131

Instagram/FB @kerriannetelford.ot


Transport links: 

Closest train station is Nunawading Station. It is a simple 19 minute walk to our clinic or a short bus ride utilising the 273 Bus and getting off at the Marion Road/Springvale Road bus stop and walking down to the clinic. 

Parking is available on Evandale Avenue and Mountainview Road (just ensure to check for parking signs)

¬†At Kerri-anne Telford, we provide personalised therapy for children with social, emotional, and developmental challenges in sensory gyms, schools, and the community. Using the DIR¬ģ/Floortime‚ĄĘ Model, we address sensory processing, motor development, and regulatory issues to enhance a child's ability to relate and communicate.¬†

Our services include help for sensory integration disorders, motor skill delays, autism, ADHD, and more. As a neurodiversity-affirming practice, we focus on relationships and child-centered interests to support each child's growth and well-being. 

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Meet your Adelaide Host

7th & 8th September 2024


130 Main Road, McLaren Vale, South Australia, 5171.

Parking within McLaren Vale Central carpark (near Coles) ‚Äď plenty of carparks available.


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 About Us: At OT Kidz, we are extremely passionate about providing children and their families with opportunities to reach their full potential. I love being an OT as we get to support children to build their functional skills, while having fun. It really is life changing!

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